Des Moines University

Walk This Way: An Interprofessional Approach for Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Pathologies

Thursday, November 4 at 7:00am to 8:00am

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic condition that has become an epidemic per the World Health Organization. Poor glycemic control contributes to multi-system disease resulting in end-stage organ failure, neuropathy, ulceration, and amputation. Interprofessional management of diabetic patients has been shown to improve outcomes including decreased amputation and mortality rates and improved quality of life scores. Collaborative efforts within the patient’s care team can benefit patients by increasing surveillance, providing preventative measures, and offering definitive therapy and rehabilitation. Utilizing multidisciplinary teams to care for the diabetic patient can reduce morbidity and mortality and improve patient function in the setting of limb loss. Current guidelines provide direction to the care team and provide a pathway for patient optimization and success. This presentation will apply evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to a patient case. 


DMU faculty, staff, students, residents, and the medical community.


  • Discuss clinical practice guidelines for interprofessional prevention and management of diabetic foot pathologies.
  • Recognize best practices for interprofessional teams managing patients with diabetes.
  • Describe the application of best practices to a patient case.

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