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This activity aims to provide emerging cancer related information and resources specifically pertaining to breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention. Participants will gain an understanding of specific population health needs and emerging research in cancer screening and care.


Research shows that health care providers are biased toward overweight and obese individuals resulting in weight discrimination and disparities in care. Overweight and obese individuals are less likely than their “normal weight” peers to receive appropriate recommendations for preventative screening and are more likely to report negative experiences with health care providers. These issues lead to increased risks of developing mental health conditions, unhealthy eating behaviors, and avoidance of exercise. 


  • Recognize weight bias and how it manifests in clinical cancer care.
  • Develop strategies for mitigating internalized weight bias.
  • Discuss how weight loss is not always clinically indicated for patients with elevated BMI.
  • Implement improved communication with patients with obesity using the 5As model.

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