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Des Moines University is supportive of healthcare providers who choose to actively participate in the education of our students by offering excellent clinical training opportunities. Preceptors not only transmit skills but are mentors who convey the core values that are important to Des Moines University: accountability, collaboration, honesty, inclusiveness, and wellness. Preceptors do what no textbook or classroom can accomplish. The students benefit from the community-based experience while preceptors benefit from integrating new ideas and techniques into their practices that are currently being taught in academic health sciences institutions. Join us for a series of educational opportunities which provide precepting pearls to aid in shaping the next generation of clinicians.

Objectives for this session:

  • List strategies for teaching efficiently in a busy practice / clinical environment.
  • Describe strategies to set learner and staff expectations that will facilitate efficient teaching.
  • Describe how to make the orientation of the student facilitate teaching and learning efficiency.