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DMU Grand Rounds: What Your Voice Says About You

Thursday, May 6 at 7:00am to 8:00am

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Nearly all of us use our voices on a regular basis to communicate socially, professionally, or even artistically. Laryngeal/voice disorders occur in 3-9% of patients of all ages and can take on many forms, such as a singer having difficulty securely hitting the top note of their singing range to an individual with terminal laryngeal carcinoma. Voice disorders may occur as a result of structural/anatomical factors and/or the improper or ineffective use of the vocal mechanism.  

Those attending this presentation will have the opportunity to hear a variety of voices of patients and rate what they hear. These patients will serve as case studies and examples for more in-depth discussion of the anatomy and physiology of voice production and the evaluation and treatment of some common important voice disorders. 

Technology advances and newer treatment options will also be highlighted in this multimedia presentation.


  • Recognize how laryngeal disorders may affect everyday life.
  • Describe the major anatomical and physiological elements of voice production.
  • Identify and classify some common voice disorders.
  • Assess voice/laryngeal disorders and recommend appropriate referral or treatments. 

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