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The Iowa Clinical Education Collaborative presents the APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) Level 1 and Level 2, which will assist participants in developing and refining abilities to guide student development in a clinical environment.


Level 1: The CCIP Level 1 is a voluntary program designed primarily for people interested in or involved with clinical education, such as clinical instructors, site coordinators of clinical education, and directors of clinical education. Other health care providers who offer clinical education in a supervisory role to students, including physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, and health care providers from other professions can use this program to enhance their clinical instruction education.

Level 2: The CCIP Level 2 is designed for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who have supervised or overseen the supervision of at least one student in clinical practice or have been actively involved in student learning and education since receiving the APTA CCIP Level 1 credential. Clinicians from other health care professions who have completed CCIP Level 1 and meet the above student supervision criteria are also welcomed to participate but are not awarded the Level 2 credential.

Both courses run concurrently.

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