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This year's DMU TransHealth Series is 100% virtual! Each speaker has pre-recorded an online educational activity to be viewed prior to participation in this live panel discussion. During this panel, the healthcare providers all come together to answer your questions pertaining to these pre-recorded activities. Visit the link below to access the pre-recorded activities, and then join us live on Thursday, November 19 from 2 - 3 pm Central Time to ask your questions!

Bonus Session! The 2020 TransHealth Series will also feature a panel of community members that will talk about their personal stories and provide insights as to how healthcare providers can provide inclusive, patient-centered care. Join us on Friday, November 20 from 2 - 4 pm Central Time.

Click here to register for the community member panel discussion.


  • Describe how a healthcare professional can provide competent care for transgender individuals.
  • Discuss transgender experiences from the healthcare provider perspective.