Des Moines University


Friday, October 11

Iowa Psychological Association Fall Conference

This workshop is designed to provide participants the core elements of cognitive-behavioral treatment for insomnia. The course starts by grounding...

PNF I: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation I

To effectively treat as a Functional Manual Therapist®, one must address the interrelationship between the neuromuscular, soft tissue, and articular systems....

Express Cycling with Joy

An indoor cycling class with all of the strength and endurance of a regular cycling class, crammed into one solid 30 minute workout.

Friday Research Seminar Series: A New Role for IL-35 - An Autocrine Growth Factor for Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Fang has been studying the direct role of cytokines on tumor growth for a decade. Many cytokines such as IL-9, IL-32, IL-33, IL-35 and IL-41 have been...

H.I.I.T. with Missy

High intensity interval sequences that are challenging and guaranteed to raise your heart rate, fitness level and calorie expenditure

Friday, October 11